Presidents Message - 2021/2022

111th Caroline Bay Carnival.

Nov 2021.

We had a discussion a couple of weeks ago to look at the current situation. At that stage nothing could be announced.When we made our decision, there was no sign of the South Island changing before Christmas. The government guidelines at the time meant there was no way we could have a carnival.Even now with the traffic light system coming into play soon, even though makes it slightly more achievable, it still makes the risk high. With the government event scheme announced, we are not eligible and feel that on top of health and well-being of volunteers in the community, the financial position of the carnival would be in jeopardy and any exposure of COVID-19 during a carnival would close the door leaving us heavily out of pocket.
We want to protect our volunteers and our community and as hard as the decision was to make we believe it was the right one.
It will be a strange couple of weeks not having a carnival and will be widely affected throughout South Canterbury but we feel good about this decision knowing we are not putting any large scale risk in our community.
I also want to take this time to thank our amazing volunteers who have put their free time and effort into planning for the carnival, setting up the rides, plus a big thanks to our minigolf team for running that smoothly throughout the year. Minigolf will be operating throughout the Christmas holidays with COVID-19 protections in place.

I look forward to seeing you at next year's carnival

Shane Clarke



Caroline Bay Assn.