Carnival Day 4

29th December

10.00 am

Mini Golf $5.00 a card 18 Holes      Also Train Operating

11.00 am

Mother & Daughter  (Daughters 3 - 4 - 5)

Entries on the Day. Sponsored by

11.15 am


11.30 am

Mother & Son  (Sons 3 - 4 - 5) Entries on the Day

Sponsored by Northtown Mall

Princess of the Sands - Eliminations -Beach Wear Costumes to be worn 

Rides and Games operating from approx 11.00am weather permitting.

2.00 pm

Carnival Concert:      Compere    Shane Clarke


Princess of the Sands - Girls 10 - 11 @ 25 Dec 2016

Sponsored by Coolpak Coolstores Ltd


Games & Rides Operate Throughout the Afternoon

6.00 pm         

Games & Rides Operate throughout the Evening
7.00 pm

Carnival Concert -  The Mermaids    

    “The Mermaids”  feature three accomplished, (and some are kinda famous), vocalists: Joe Cotton, Amber Claire and Pauline B.
As huge fans of ABBA's music, and with great love, passion, admiration and attention to detail,
“The Mermaids" perform beloved ABBA songs from among more than 30+ worldwide mega-hits the Swedish juggernaut from the 1970's and early 80's, achieved.

Final Princess of the Sands

  EFTPOS Open throughout the Day